Vignerons Schmölzer and Brown 'Obstgarten' Riesling 2021

NorthEast Victorian Passion and holistic dedication

Tessa Brown and partner Jeremy Schmölzer recognised the reputation for fine wine in North East Victoria early on. Their dream of their own vines and bottlings however was a waiting game. They planted their own vines into the ground in Beechworth and as they awaited the tiny vines to become viable, the duo created Vignerons Schmölzer & Brown. 

VS&B is a range of wines from Beechworth, the King Valley and the Alpines Valleys. 

Tessa Brown’s winemaking and viticulture knowledge stems from experience as far as Italy, Spain and here in Australia’s Orange and Mornington Peninsula region. 

The VS&B label launched in 2014 and has kept the pair busy ever since. All wines are handpicked and employ indigenous yeasts with the only addition being small amounts of sulfur as preservation. 

The pair’s vast dreams continue to grow with truffles, organic conversion and native tree planting all occupying their spare time. 

The wines are of superior quality and have taken the NorthEast Victorian region’s possibilities to the next level.  Formidable winemaking, kind hearted souls and dedicated to their craft help sum up just some of the trademarks of VS&B.