Mac Forbes 'Hoddles Creek Estate' Chardonnay 2020

Turn up the volume with Mac Forbes

Mac Forbes has a reputation likened to a successful rock band, a groupie fan following, sold out shows and late night sightings at underground bars. 

He is also largely responsible for shaping the Yarra Valley’s reputation of sub regionality and site distinction. 

Working with the likes of John Middleton (Mount Mary co-founder) and travelling the globe in search of inspiration Mac settled his sights on his own brand in 2004. 

From the get go, Mac Forbes wines are a connection to the place on which the vines are grown, both physically and culturally. Highly nuanced wines and with no details left without consideration Mac has been one of the most successful winemakers of his generation. 

If music is the soundtrack of your life

Mac Forbes wines are one hell of a flavour profile. Welcome to taste town.