Yeringberg Pinot Noir 2018

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Yeringberg Pinot Noir 2018

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Pioneers of the Yarra Valley, Yeringberg never fails to deliver a lesson worth listening to

We have a lot to thank the de Pury family for, their story began in 1863 and continues today by the composed and courteous fourth generation siblings Sandra and David de Pury.

More than a winery, vineyard and farm, Yeringberg are pioneers and custodians of Australian history. 

In the early 19th - century when the lack of demand for table wines caused all production to cease; it was the de Pury family that had the foresight to replant and begin again. 

In the 1970’s they did, begin again and since that time have never looked back. 

The Yarra Valley, in part,can be thankful to this family for its rich history of winemaking and growing. 

Yeringberg wines are single vineyard wines, from some of the oldest vines in the valley, varietally focused and made in miniscule quantities. 

You can be assured that each bottling will teach you something about the variety it is made, the perfume and intoxicating aromas of its place and be a benchmark for all that you drink from here on out. 

These are more than a pleasure to behold but a lesson in where we have been as Australians and where we are going.